| TDC History

      • 2002 FPSA integrates the Romanian market in combination with two other plasturgists and create “Technic PlasticRomania” (TPR), in Timisoara.
      • 2008 TPR becomes TDC (Technical Die Casting) a 100% FPSA subsidiary company.
      • Like FPSA, TDC offers its know-how in thermoplastics injection and ZAMAK die casting with efficient production (lowcost, high quality, high reactivity) especially for the automotive, tier 1 and 2.
      • 2013 TDC has doubled (x2) its production surface, along with massive additional investments (2 M€ in 2012-2014).
      • End of 2013, TDC has now 110 employees, with 5 M€ turnover.